Social Economy Results, productivity pressure: welcome to … the social economy!

Results, productivity pressure: welcome to … the social economy!

The Bondy Blog publishes the testimony as a platform Samira *, the associative framework in a social economy association in Seine-Saint-Denis. She denounces the pressures and the operation almost similar to the world of business far values that defend the branch.

While reading an article about burnout in the social economy that I said: “Well, the problem is posed frankly, without jargon.” So far, in this environment, though daring those who dared to complain. I often hear: “How? Do you work in the social economy? CDI more (that is endangered)? You really have an incredible opportunity. “How dare, not least that addressing the difficulties related to working conditions, the precariousness of our jobs, the pressures of all kinds, all sprinkled with values? Values, variable geometry, do not abuse …

For complaining affect the mental state of our teams, is the message. We even reproach us our lack of loyalty, we are accused of being almost affluent in salary covered that falls at the end of the month, while others, volunteers are ready to take over without complaining and without compensation. Already I had the feeling of being a compensated volunteer (no fixed setting, no zone) …

In my field, we conduct our mission through volunteering skills. Volunteers who have an obligation of results, as in any business. Gone are the kind volunteer Red Cross or the Heart Eating, holding stalls or doing some collections. Here, the numbers of these volunteers are integrated into employee productivity. Their profiles: freshly retired senior managers, whose pensions are very comfortable light years from our salaries. Luxury volunteers from often beautiful Parisian chic neighborhoods or suburbs ready to save the “suburbs” to prevent it flares up more in a benevolent approach, but with a spirit of relief conscience. Volunteers who often for the first time, passed the northern ring. They make their BA returning the equally famous elevator that still does not improvise social facilitator in the suburbs. This is not without causing some friction with vulnerable workers because “hey I do not speak the same language” and does not have the same priorities. Around me, a colleague of a loan recently to get treatment. Volunteers who might be asked to replace the employees whose positions degradation from funding.

The first time I talked to one of them, explaining that I was from a large family, he asked me if I knew all my siblings, and their respective mother because it was obvious that my father had many wives. I fell backward. Except that internally, difficult to hear these difficulties. For our leaders, it is the Coue method to excess with all the frustration it can cause. It is a beautiful hypocrisy that installs, without making waves because it would be indecent.

We should share the good news, results, growth, productivity, and soon even the productivity of volunteers in these organizations at the heart of social and solidarity economy said. We are condemned to be a militant soul, a soul only well hidden, lest excessive guilt … Otherwise, it pushes you towards the exit with a subtlety worthy of large CAC 40.

The world of social is outstanding: I meet many colleagues who have to be convinced that the accompanying work they do is a great job then they themselves would need to be accompanied. How many employees of the social economy are under pressure to reach the holy grail of the number of “positive outcomes” of people followed? Those who will go out at all costs Pôle Emploi statistics and so incidentally help encourage decisions by those who govern us. It is requested, even demanded, to make a cross on its values, to shelve the claims to increase revenue and justify ever more demanding public subsidies in terms of results! And beware of structures that would not have been the increasingly demanding results too: she simply could lose their subsidies. The pressures in this area are enormous. The electoral context that approach will not help. The associations themselves are pushed back into this vicious game by being forced to act as competitors to capture a market less and less funded.

One walks on the head … except to recognize that the associations of social economy are also in a culture of enterprise uninhibited and without kindness at work and allowed us to think … then Suppress adjectives “social solidarity “and stop the hypocrisy. This will already be something gained.